Company overview 

Festival Formula, founded by Katie McCullough, who is an expert in short film festival circuit. The company started in May 2014, and right from the beginning, it was clear that it has found a niche in a market offering filmmakers help with, often confusing and mundane process of submitting their films to festivals. This is vital for publicity, and any future productions, and every filmmaker knows how important this proves is. 


Based on 16:9 film screen ratio, the logo is composed out of company initials and metaphorically ‘builds a film screen' which clearly reflects the company tagline: Building your audience. Combination of contrasting colours creates a vibrant, vivid feel, which indicates the young and outgoing nature of the buisness. This approach outlined the direction when creating the on and off-line marketing pieces like website, newsletter campaigns and more traditional printed material. All of the brand communications emphasise the friendly tone of voice that is clearly understood and followed by Festival Formulas' growing team. 

Film industry offers a lot of visual inspiration originating in film poster designs, cinema environment and film festivals themselves, and it constantly encourages us to go a little further in creating this amazing venture. 


Sold to a someone with a substantial return.



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