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Take the country back-wards

'It's not democracy!' - My friend announced. Offended. 'You're wrong - this is exactly what democracy is about. The fact that you are reasonably educated, thinking and trying not to take shortcuts in judgements, doesn't mean that every living human is doing the same. In fact, most of us don't. Most of us are not educated and live their life in poverty. Most of us sit in front of TVs daily and eat chips on greasy sofas. Most of us wear mohair berets and pray to a better god. Most of us are scared by change, different skin colour and are easily bred on hatred. The fact that some of us are not, should never, ever, let you think that this is the majority.' 

What I have learnt by experiencing first hand the Brexit vote that happened in the U.K., was that voters chose because of anger - frustration about everyday things, big and small. It has not been elegant but it was never meant to be. Celebrity politicians gained momentum by encouraging bigotry, racism, hatred, and in days it become extreme. Those beliefs took over the disappointment that led us to the referendum results here in the U.K. and somehow overpowered the real need of a radical change across the board in politics, in general. 

A few days after the referendum, I signed a petition to call for honesty in politics to be protected by law. And although I know, it is a naive childish wish, I would like politicians to take responsibility for what they promise and be careful of what they say, and how. However, today after the Trump win, I hope that what he pledged during this election campaign is simply a marketing move and won't come true. 

In the meantime the victory is openly celebrated by former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke. Across the pond. Today. In 2016.